Finance Committee                

We are responsible for recording and reporting of all congregational receipts and expenditures, and associated records maintenance.

To achieve this, in part we:

  • Work closely with St Andrew’s Treasurer;
  • Ensure that the Sunday offerings are counted;
  • Meet monthly to review our Financial Statements;
  • Prepare the yearly Church budget in consultation with St. Andrew’s other committees and the Board; and
  • Recommend an annual independent reviewer to review the Church’s accounts and financial procedures.
  • In addition, we also recommend the rental fees for the Church.

Your Finance Committee is:

Chair:  Tracy Cove
Minister: Rev Ray Goodship
Treasurer: Shari Paarsmarkt
Members: Elaine Wood, Mary Magee, Trudy Ross, Bill Zuck

Do you wonder where our money comes from  and where it goes to  ?

If so,  to join us.

Questions?  Speak with any of our members or contact us at:

Want to try before committing or just interested in what happens at our meetings?  Contact the Chair at the above e-mail address about sitting in on one of our meetings – Every third Wednesday of the month at 6pm.