ACM and Finance Forum, Sunday Feb. 7, Feb. 21, 2016

Our Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) and Finance Forum are coming next month.
FF Sunday Feb. 7, and the ACM Feb. 21, 2016

Financial Health
Beginning with the Finance Forum,  Sunday Feb. 7.
A Fellowship luncheon will be provided after the service, and the Finance Forum will commence immediately after that.

The Finance Forum is where we review our church’s financial health in some detail, and have more time available to answer your specific finance questions.  This is an excellent venue to gain a better understanding and appreciation behind the operations of our church.

Congregational Mtg

Then, the Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM), Sunday Feb. 21, after the service.

The ACM is where the Annual Report is presented to the Congregation.  This meeting provides an overview of our annual Operations, and deals with certain necessary business matters of our church, such as electing members to our Board, and so on.
We request and encourage your participation – it is invaluable!