About St. Andrew’s United…


“We are located in the centre of Cochrane. Alberta, and have been involved in a lot a community history here, as we’ve been on this site since March 1909.

This church has been part of the life of Cochrane for over a century. The walls of our sanctuary have absorbed the prayers of generations. And we know that our life together as St. Andrew’s United Church isn’t about the building. It’s about the people. Together we have gathered to baptize our young, to marry new lovers, and to bury our dead.

For a hundred years we have found our communion with each other and with God. For a hundred years we have marked the anniversaries of our lives and the changing seasons of our community.

Our life together has taught us how our life with God makes it possible for us to love each other more deeply. It is a gift of God that we have been called to hold this church as a sacred trust for generations yet unborn.”

Stained glass shines

You can reach us by phone at 403-9322585, or by email at cochranestandrew@nucleus.com.

Or of course come join us at 128 First Street East, Cochrane, Alberta.



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