What a great evening!  Our Christmas Concert with Martin Russell and Friends is now over for another year.  Many thanks to all the musicians – SAUCIE (Debbie, Edith, Carole, & Steve), Cindy, Shari, Yaldi (Fred, Edith, Bob), Gary, Joe, Catherine, Laslo, Jordan, Bonnie, the Back Row Boys (Bob, Steve, Fred, Ray), and 4Good (Ray, Jason, & Bob).  And special thanks to Vera for handling all the kitchen duties for this event – for the last decade!  And of course this concert would not happen without Martin’s tireless efforts to pull it together each year.  And all this in support of the Activettes and the Food Bank.    (And hopefully Ray will get over his cold before the holidays.)

martin-xmas-2016-martin martin-xmas-2016-cindy-edith-carole martin-xmas-2016-jordan martin-xmas-2016-yaldi martin-xmas-2016-bonnie-martin martin-xmas-2016-bonnie-martin2 martin-xmas-2016-food martin-xmas-2016-rays-cold-with-tea-water-kleenex