Advent Festival 2016

Advent Festival 2016, Sunday, Nov.27.

advent-2016-getting-the-ornaments-just-rightFollowing our pizza luncheon, our Advent Festival took place, with the trimming of our tree in the sanctuary by the children, and with many craft events for the family, with background Christmas music throughout performed live by SAUCIE.

Some of the crafts were edible, like the sparkly icing-slathered Christmas cookies, while some were not edible, such as the tree ornaments looking like little reindeer faces.

advent-2016-trimming-the-treeEveryone enjoyed snacks of old-fashioned gingerbread (with whipped cream) and carrot cake.  Bottomless cups of hot chocolate too!  The kids saw a rather startling “accident”, resulting in a severed finger, but thanks to Don, everything turned out well.  😀

Many thanks to everyone who contributed and made this event a success.