Another Gospel-ish Concert Under Our Belt

Sunday marked our second annual Gospel-ish Concert and it wasn’t without its challenges. The weather seemed to be the biggest issue–wind played havoc with our music and sound, and the threat of rain–although the rain for the most part bypassed us. We also had some technical challenges that led to the show being a little late starting. These, I guess, are all part of live, outdoor performances. The crowd was a little smaller than we had hoped but they were enthusiastic and very supportive.

What was important and impressive for me was that everyone of the performers pressed on, never complained, chipped in to help other acts get ready, and generally everyone kept a smile on their face. We made a number of new friends. As performers we all gained some experience, we applied some lessons learned from last year (bring rope and batteries–lots of rope and batteries) and learned a few new lessons that will serve us well the next time we venture out before an audience.

Another important reminder is that we are imperfect creatures living in a complex world–things are not often going to go the way we imagine in our heads. We can only control what we can control, we prepare as well as we can and we do our best trusting that God has the power and wisdom to work miracles within the imperfection. God, I’m sure performed a few miracles at the concert that we’ve yet to hear about but I look forward to discovering.