Gospel-ish Concert for 2016 was great!

MPk 2016

Our Free Gospel-ish Concert in the Park was so much fun!

The event ran from 1 – 5 pm, Sunday, July 10, 2016, at the bandstand area of Mitford Park, Cochrane, and for the most part the rainy skies missed us.  Phew.

Headlined by Vision Country Gospel, several of St. Andrew’s musical groups also performed, like 4Good – Country/Rock, SAUCIE – Gospel wind ensemble, Yaldi & Friends – Celtic, Reeds & Ivory – Dixieland/Jazz, and Mercy Mercy – Country.  

  • thanks to Brooks & Lyne for sending us their photos.
MPk 2016, Yaldi


MPk 2016, SAUCIE


MPk 2016, Mercy Mercy

Mercy Mercy

MPk 2016, great crowd

Looking north from the stage.

MPk 2016, 4Good - we missed the storm

4Good plays, and we realize we missed that major rain dump!

MPk 2016, new unrestricted vision tent

Chris is checking out the view from inside Bill & Shari’s new tent, which uses high tech materials for that incredible unrestricted view.