A Pleasant Diversion

Today while I was writing my sermon for Sunday the familiar sound of our door buzzer rang. I was alone in the building and in the middle of a deep thought so it was tempting to just let it ring. But I got up and carefully peeked around the corner to see who was interrupting my very important work–not yet deciding whether or not to open the door. There, peeking in the window was a sixty something woman holding a toddler–seemed harmless enough. I went and opened the door to a family of three young children, their grandmother and great-grandmother. They had made the short pilgrimage from Calgary to St. Andrew’s–the great-grandmother to reminisce and the others to indulge her story-telling.

As it turns out the most senior member of the family is a niece of the Chapman brothers who had built our church and so she came to share that piece of heritage with the young children–to be followed by McKay’s Ice-cream. We chatted a little as we roamed around the sanctuary and the hall. I had the oldest two children ring the great bell–both of them holding on for dear life as the rope lifted them each in turn a few feet off the floor. Grandma took a short video and a few pictures of the goings-on. The whole exchange took about 10-15 minutes. It seemed to bring them all great joy; and a smile to my face as well.

For the next year our Board and leadership are engaged in a time of listening for God in our neighbourhoods, in our daily lives, in the ordinariness of our days. I’m thinking now sometimes God even rings the doorbell just to say “hi”! Who knew?