Community Lunches

Tuesday, June 7th we offered our last Free Community Lunch for the summer. I’m sure there are a core group of folks who would continue to come, even in the heat of summer. We have built a community of friends gathering together more for fellowship than food, but I hear the soup is good. Thanks to everyone who attends, because this really is about you, about us and so without you there would be no us. For some of you the first time you attended was a little unnerving–you probably wondered what this was all about–you know ‘there are no free lunches after all!’ Thanks for trusting us and taking a chance and for continuing to come each week. Thanks also to the financial supporters who make this manageable for us. Thanks also to the cooks and dishwashers–the many folks who sign up week after week to chop and stir and serve. It has been so much fun! Ministry isn’t supposed to fun is it? The break will be nice but I look forward to September when we can begin again.