Community Awards and The Free Community Lunch

On June 7th we will share our last community lunch until sometime in September. Recently we received three nominations for this work. I want to thank all our folks who shared this vision of bringing the community together–so many have cooked and cleaned, served and stirred to make this happen, as well as made financial contributions as well. I also want to thank all our new friends who have joined us–those of you who trusted that in fact the lunch was free, was edible, and that we didn’t want anything from anyone other than to share each other’s company. Vocation is defined by Richard Rohr and others as the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. It has been a joyful experience indeed and it seems one that meets a need for some of the folks of Cochrane, so I guess this may be our vocation. I look forward to travelling with you all in whatever direction this ministry may take us.