The Truth

This Sunday the scripture reading in John dumps us into the preliminary hearing of Jesus before Pilate. They have this disjointed exchange that ends with Pilate asking “what is truth?” Pilate doesn’t know even as “the truth” is standing embodied before him.

Whenever I read that passage I think of the movie A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise demands “the truth” from Jack Nicolson and he responds “you can’t handle the truth.” It is such a great line–one only Jack can deliver. But I believe Jack is wrong. We can handle the truth as difficult as it may be but his lies and arrogance couldn’t stand up to the truth. The truth has a way of shining a light on all the brokenness and pain and heartache.

The events of Paris still weigh heavy on my heart and every day I watch the news and wonder about the truth–I imagine there are those who are arrogant enough to believe only they can handle the truth and they alone can define the truth and they alone have the truth. And then France announces, even in the midst of their pain and fear and confusion, that they will accept 30,000 Syrian refugees over the next few years–and I see the spark of truth.