The Blue Party

Tonight the Blue Jays begin the next round of playoffs as they challenge Kansas City for the AL Championship. Most of the country seems to be very excited about this even though many of us are marginal fans at best. I have to admit to not following baseball very closely most years–watching the replays on TSN and having a vague awareness of what’s going on–but this year I’m a little excited. The Jays are Canada’s team and so it’s okay for us to jump on the band-wagon and tag along for the ride. Who knows, some of us may actually become loyal fans for a year or two.

While this is going on we are also preparing for a Federal election. Now I know most church folk get a little nervous whenever the preacher starts talking politics–even though Jesus was always talking politics (remember the Kingdom of God?). I don’t know the answer to “who would Jesus vote for?” although I’m kinda surprised someone hasn’t come up with a line of necklesses and bracelets with that on it (WWJVF). Actually I imagine he would be struggling mightily right now because regardless of the platforms, they all seem determine to divide, to alienate, to tear apart–to do whatever it takes to win the election regardless of the cost to our country. I imagine all the leaders would be getting a good scolding from JC.

Right now it is a baseball team that is bringing us together as a people, casting a vision of what might be possible and giving us hope. Maybe it’s time for a new party–the Blue Party with unity and hope as it’s platform and R.A. Dickey as leader or maybe Bautista?