Abiding in Christ

It has been great to have a little time away–three weeks holiday to catch up around the house, camp, bicycle, and visit with friends and family. We all need some time to just clear our heads and have some fun.

Tuesday I was back at work–back at the church and happy to do so. It occurred to me that church is always the place we can come back to–it doesn’t matter if we are gone for just a few weeks or months or years–it doesn’t matter if we left to do a little traveling or to work. It doesn’t matter if we left in a huff or because we just couldn’t get ourselves out of bed Sunday morning, we can always come back home–to church. Let your gym membership lapse and see what happens.

Jesus calls us to “abide in him” which means to find our home in him and to make a home for him in our hearts. Certainly we can do that anywhere, but church is the first thing I think of when I think of the body of Christ–it’s nice to be home.