Count down to the Gospel-ish Concert

Our first Free Gospel-ish Concert is only a few days away and everyone is buzzing about the idea. Everywhere I go people have heard about it and snicker a little at the title–wondering what it means. We’ve all been practicing and planning and hoping that the weather will be good. We are wondering about how many people will show up and how it will be received. It would be easy to measure the success of the event by the number of folks who turn up and how good the music is–and that is part of it. But from my perspective it is already a great success and something worthy of our efforts. First, everyone around town knows about this crazy and generous thing we are attempting and they are impressed by the attempt. Second, we are doing this thing–it’s going to happen–we have the courage and vision to try what hasn’t been done before. Third, we’ve increased out capacity as musicians, as volunteer coordinators, as marketing experts… And finally and most importantly we’ve expressed one entrepreneurial way of being the body of Christ–to give without expectation of anything in return, to express our joy and gratitude, to be in community, to share our faith in a non-judgmental and inclusive way. I hope for hundreds of people, good weather, wonderful music and perfect organization, but I think this has already been an amazing success so congratulations to the folks of St. Andrew’s for having the courage and faith to offer this amazing event.