The United Church of Canada is Ninety Years Young

90thToday twenty-five St. Andrew’s folk gathered at 10;30 am to ring in our 90th year as a denomination, to eat some birthday cake and celebrate this United Church of ours. Many had come earlier to spruce the place up, do a little gardening, dig out a few weeds. We even had a few passersby join us but most just walked past, not really interested in either the cake or our celebrations.

I guess that’s one of the big changes that has occurred over the last 90 years–our place in society. Once upon a time politicians cared about what the UCC thought about an issue–we held sway. Everyone went to church back in the day and we were the biggest protestant denomination in Canada. We are still the biggest protestant denomination in Canada but we share in an ever shrinking pie.

Yet, we have great hope for God’s future and the future of our church. As a congregation we feel energized and enthusiastic about the missional direction our church is taking as well as the general sense of joy and welcome we feel inside our own walls. As a denomination we feel we finally have a way forward with the Comprehensive Review bringing difficult but hopeful changes. So here’s to another 90 years of proclaiming the Good News…I wonder if we’ll still have cake?