“My experience at the church yesterday…” May 21, 2015


Albert Schweitzer said; “even if it’s a little thing, do something for those who need help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it”.

The United Church has about a dozen garden plots on its property and each plot has been adopted by one or more individuals.  This enables these adopters to maintain their plots when it best suits them.

This afternoon I went to the church to trim the flowering crab apple tree in my plot.  I had intentions to do this job before the leaves came out but I was out of town so it didn’t get done.

 I was struggling to remove some upper branches that were difficult to reach when two young gentlemen came from across the street and asked if they could help.  They said they were from “Hands On Property Maintenance” and had just finished the job they were doing across the street.  They had an extendible tree pruner and they spent about half an hour removing all of the branches that I couldn’t reach.  They not only removed the branches but they also bagged them and said they would take them away in their truck.  When they were taking their two huge bags of branches to their truck, a young woman came running up to them and asked if she could have the bags.  She said that her brother is getting married this weekend and wanted to use the branches and blossoms for his wedding.

I came away feeling so blessed by what had happened and I couldn’t recommend more polite, helpful young men.

Joylyn Leugner