Mike The Savior

It appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs are on track to win the Stanley Cup in five to seven years–almost guaranteed now that Mike is behind the bench. Mike Babcock has been hired for an unholy amount of money but everything will now fall into place, the hockey gods will smile upon the Leafs and the universe will be as it should–for a few months, maybe a year until the Toronto faithful get impatient and Mike becomes the newest of a long line of goats. I wish Mr. Babcock all the best but no group or team or community will accomplish its purposes until it finds the collective will to do so. Mike can’t save them unless they want to be saved–unless they find the strength and courage to follow his lead.

Time and time again saviors have been sought out and anointed only to fail miserably–we just have to look at Mr. Prentice to find a very recent example. Even Jesus, the Savior, was heralded as Messiah before his crucifixion but soon folks discovered he wasn’t the kind of savior they wanted even though he is the kind we need–there is a difference. Saviors can’t save if we would want to be right or successful or powerful or look good rather than be saved.

We are heading into Pentecost–the Big Bang of the church. The Risen Christ had appeared a number of times to the disciples. They recognized him, engaged with him, believed in his resurrection, but until the Holy Spirit drew them together and infused them with the breath of God, they remained huddled behind locked doors too afraid to move. It was the Holy Spirit that gave them the collective will to move beyond those doors, that connected them in one purpose, that gave them the courage and wisdom and strength to unite as the body of Christ. That same Spirit shapes us today as a community that has discovered God’s purpose for us and is willing to work together for the sake of the Good News. We won’t win the Stanley Cup but we gladly share Christ’s cup.