Community Lunches

The church hall on Tuesday mornings are a place buzzing with activity. Three or four of us gather around 10:00 am and start cooking up the soup for the community lunch. Each Tuesday the cooks for the week ask expectantly if I have a recipe for the soup–they are still getting used to working with me. Like music–I never do anything the same way twice. No–no recipe–we’ll just make it up as we go along. There’s lots of laughter and story telling as we get to work. It’s a great time to get to know people: about their family, their history, the things they love to do–even a little politics. Before noon everything is ready and so we get a little time to drink some coffee and just enjoy the smell of our efforts and hope that the meal will be well received. Soon folks start to filter in–some familiar faces and some new ones. The guys from the maintenance committee seem to be planning their work for Tuesday mornings these days and arranging things so that they are in the kitchen area around noon–imagine that! The hall is louder than the 20 or so dinners would suggest possible and every table is animated with conversation. The congregation members make certain that the unfamiliar faces become part of the group and soon it is impossible to tell the guest from the long-time member. This is church at its best. By about 1:00 pm I start to wonder if this will continue for another half hour or so but then all of a sudden folks start to get up, say their goodbyes and go on their way. The four of us clean up–it doesn’t take very long and Fred is such a wiz with the dishes. By 1:30 I’m in my office thinking any way you want to measure this community lunch it surely is a success.