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Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 07.09.04Ray’s Blog, April 8th, 2015

This Sunday, April 12th, one of the scriptures passages will be Acts 4:32-35. It offers an idyllic and rosy portrait of the early church where “everyone is of one heart and one soul” and “everything they owned was held in common.” When we read this in bible study someone said ‘that sounds like a commune! It certainly sounds unrealistic and unlikely that any community could live like that for very long and sure enough the early church had its share of problems that continue to this day. Church is hard work and we don’t always get along—that’s just the truth. But, church is different from the rest of society or at least should be if we are the Easter People we claim to be. What we do here, who we are and how we live should seem a little strange and unrealistic if we follow the Way of Christ. We give what we can and receive what we need—that is certainly different in this fee for service world. Everyone has a say in how the church lives out God’s call regardless of how much they put in the collection plate. We serve the stranger and outcast without expectation. If we are living our faith then folks who meet us for the first time and see who and how we are should be scratching their heads—wondering why we do what we do.